How Robert ‘sped up the process to success’


Dakoda’s Dance Academy is a well-established dance school that has been providing dance classes to the central London community for the last 10 years. They had a vision of diversifying and expanding the business to serve adults online with new services including yoga.

Robert Myers, Manager of Dakoda’s, set out to create a new umbrella brand and website showcasing a range of dance and lifestyle services. He had built, refined and re-built Dakoda’s original website and brand himself, using trial and error over (in Robert’s words) ‘a long, painful 10 years.’ 

This time, he wanted to get it right from the start and future-proof the operation as much as possible. He knew he couldn’t personally stay up to date on the latest developments in business strategy, website design, and digital marketing. So he sought help. 

Robert had been working with the London Business Hub, who suggested he try Digital Boost. Digital Boost is a free platform for small businesses offering highly personalised advice, business mentoring, and learning support. 

Robert had tried to find business mentors in the past but found that no one person could help with the many challenges he faced. That’s where Digital Boost came in – you don’t just get one mentor, but instead have unlimited access to 1000s of mentors, all specialists in their fields. 

Robert has held one-to-one sessions with different Digital Boost experts in Business Strategy, Website Development, E-Commerce, Google Ads, A/B Testing, and more. Mentors from BT, Barclays, Visa, Bloomberg, and many smaller organisations helped him explore the art of the possible, design the site architecture, evaluate branding options, and much more. 

This variety of input is one of the things Robert values most about Digital Boost: ‘It’s great to ask the same question to multiple people. You get different perspectives and a real sense of whether you’re on the right track.’ 

Robert says: ‘Digital Boost has sped up the process to success and saved me a lot of heartache. Talking to people at each step of the process is invaluable. You get immediate advice for situations that could have taken months to solve. I wish I’d had this service when I started my business 10 years ago!’ 

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