How going online with Digital Boost helped Lucy’s business survive


Lucy, a mum of 2 young boys, was a part-time maths teacher with a passion for baking when she decided to leave her safe and reliable teaching post to launch her brownie business full time just before Covid-19 hit. Her days were spent preparing for, and enjoying the buzz of, bustling food markets and festivals in Netheredge, Sharrowvale, Sheffield City Centre, Fox Valley, and further afield. The stall favourites were the chocolate brownie and lemon drizzle. 

However, when stay-at-home orders were issued in March 2020, the business was effectively finished. Or so she feared. There was only one option – to set up an online digital presence, in the form of a website. But with a limited budget, and no technical knowledge, this was daunting.

Fortunately Lucy’s father-in-law Patrick volunteered to help build the site, something he’d never done before. They needed to not only get the aesthetics of the brand right online, but also figure out how to get the site in front of people – not to mention how to send brownies safely through the post! 

Patrick and Lucy turned to Digital Boost for free, 1:1 business mentoring and personalised advice sessions with volunteers from a wide range of organisations. They met with volunteer experts in website development, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, and much more. 

“Finding the services of Digital Boost, and the incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and helpful experts, was the saving of the business. I have learnt, and am still learning so much from them.”

 Lucy’s now back at markets, enjoying being face to face with her customers again (and with an amazing new range of blondies and brownies). However the bulk of the business is now online, with the brand listed on the first page of Google for brownies in Sheffield. 

Lucy said: “When Covid began, so did my journey into the digital world. I have learnt so much adapting to the changes and it has completely transformed my business in every way imaginable.”

 Patrick said: “I cannot tell you how grateful we are to the many volunteer tutors and experts, who freely give their time and knowledge, understood our plight and went out of their way to offer clear and achievable goals, which eventually led to being born. Thank you!” 

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