Use Google Analytics to track the effectiveness of your website

Who is this for?

Small businesses starting out with Google Analytics

What is this about?

Data Analytics

Google Analytics provides a wealth of data on how people use your website.

You can leverage this information to improve the performance of your digital marketing and make more sales.

Small businesses regularly ask us for how to track their website performance. We’ve collected the questions they ask most, and our favourite resources from our partners, volunteers, and other experts to answer them. You’ll also find great mentors and events for more support.

Instead of spending hours on Google and watching countless videos, make this your first port of call.

Data Analytics Mentors

Get help using data to drive decision making in your business. Talk 1:1 about your Data Analytics challenges with volunteer mentors - for free.

Richard A.
- EY
Alejandro A.
Cloud Transformation Architect - Manager - KPMG UK
Jawad K.
- Visa Europe
Andrei U.
Principal Product Manager - AI/ML - BT
Gaurav V.
- Cranfield University
Conor B.
- Bloomberg

Success Stories

Hear from small businesses who have gotten help with their businesses from Digital Boost.

"Her mentoring has rewired my brain and it has helped me to understand data analytics and make better decisions."


"Matt listened to my needs and tailored his advice brilliantly, simplifying the most relevant sections of Google Analytics for me."


"I was kind of lost with the wrong research and random information but Maddie aligned me and helped me make a proper list of steps."


"Very useful information and a big to do list at the end of our call. I very much appreciate Sebastian giving up his time to help me."


"Brilliant session with really valuable advice. He shared some great tools and strategies that will help me."


"Thank you for such a supportive, positive, informative session."


"That was the most valuable call I’ve had since we started the business. I have a new found spring in my step!"


"My mentor helped me to unravel issues that I had struggled with for almost 2 years."