Mentoring and support reimagined - for all small business


Our smart platform connects entrepreneurs with volunteer business professionals for free 1:1 and small group mentoring and highly personalised business support.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – to make business mentorship and personalised support easily available to all small businesses and charities. We’re combining the power of technology with the kindness of people to make that happen.

Our Story

Digital Boost, owned by the charity Founders4Schools, was founded in 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. We wanted to help small businesses and knew that many others did too.

Starting and running a small business can be a hard and sometimes lonely road. Finding the right support can be overwhelming and restrictive.

We set out to make that journey easier by creating a new type of small business mentoring and support that’s tailored, flexible and free for all.

We’ve built a community of thousands of volunteer mentors who are experts in digital marketing, sales, finance, HR and much more.

Our smart technology platform easily matches entrepreneurs to the most relevant business mentors, content and learning for the specific business challenges they’re facing in the moment.

Mentoring is held 1:1 or in small groups and focused on specific business challenges, because when you’re facing a challenge, personalised guidance from someone who knows their stuff can make all the difference.

Flexibility is at the heart of everything we do. Small businesses & charities can connect with as many different mentors as they want, when it works for them. Volunteers commit just one hour at a time, on their terms.

We are joined by incredible partners who share our belief that small businesses and charities are vital to our economy and communities. Thanks to their support, all our services are completely free and open to any small business or charity.

To date, our platform has brought together thousands of people to learn and grow. But we’re just getting started, because small organisations need our help now more than ever.

Will you join us?

Our Team

Sherry Coutu, CBE


Karen Licurse

Managing Director

Thiago Suzuki

Chief Technology Officer

Gemma Jones

Finance Director

Matteo Ceccarelli

Product Analyst

Masuma Moledina

Marketing + Partnerships Manager

Alice Logan

Community Manager

Palak Patel

Senior QA Engineer

Diana Ionescu

Front End Developer

Marco Carvalho

Full Stack Developer

Our Board

Angela Stathi

Chair of the Board

Grace Davey

Partner, BCGDV

Gary Hanson

Retired Partner, BDO

Russ Shaw, CBE

Founder, Tech London Advocates

Our Impact

Discover how we’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs, charities, and small businesses to succeed.

“I feel more confident and prepared now to write the newsletters, posts and produce the reels!”


“Digital Boost has been a lifesaver, especially in the early days when everything was still new!”

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founders supported

“Digital Boost has been brilliant. No one around me has experience building a business - now I want to help others to do it!”

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“I’m so grateful to Digital Boost and am lining up some more experts to help me explore more ways to grow the business.”

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volunteer mentors ready to help

“Digital Boost gave us access to a pool of mentors we otherwise would absolutely not have met.”

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"This is amazing! I’ve just had a conversation for an hour and 20 minutes about my website […] and it cost nothing, it’s free!”

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of our community identify as female

“Really grateful to the time that John gave me today. It is invaluable to get an external take on my ideas.”


“It felt like we actually achieved something rather than just discussing it. I’d highly recommend to SEO newbies like myself.”



of our community is made up of ethnic minority entrepreneurs

“Finding the services of Digital Boost, and the incredibly knowledgeable, friendly & helpful experts, was the saving of the business.”

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of mentoring requests are matched within 72 hours