An intro to cybersecurity for business owners

Who is this for?

Small businesses who want to ensure their organisation is secure

What is this about?

Security & Data Protection

With cyber attacks on the rise, it’s more important than ever to protect your business.

But what are cyber attacks? And how does cybersecurity help keep your business safe from them? We’ve collected our favourite resources from our partners, volunteers, and other experts to answer them. You’ll also find great mentors and events for more support.

Instead of spending hours on Google and watching countless videos, make this your first port of call.

Security and Data Protection Mentors

Get the lowdown on the cybersecurity and GDPR measures you need to take to keep your data safe. Talk 1:1 about your security and data protection challenges with volunteer mentors - for free.

Ghilaine C.
Global Expert Member - Consilience Ventures
Stuart Ward
Lead Security Consultant - Visa
Natalie S.
Head of Legal - RVU
Sunil K.
Web Developer - Website Design with SEO
Liam T.
- BT
Terese S.
- Visa Europe Limited

Success Stories

Hear from small businesses who have gotten help with their businesses from Digital Boost.

"A fantastic session! I learnt so much!"


"This was my second session with Tom. Very informative and practical. The true essence of mentoring!"


"I have lots of notes to follow up on and have a much clearer idea of the message I wish to convey!"


"Nick gave me some sound advice and also honest feedback which was really helpful. I feel very supported."


"Brilliant session with really valuable advice. He shared some great tools and strategies that will help me."


"Andrei could pinpoint where I needed help even though I didn't articulate it very well. He was professional and pleasant."


"Amish gave me some very practical tips. I felt encouraged and energised after our call."